MIDI music

The word "DTM"(Desk Top Music)  seems to be difficult a little,
I want to say "No" about that.
If you don't have expensive instruments, of cause it's OK if you have them,
you can enjoy it!

I probably made these midi data in "Standard Midi File".
But sometimes it depends on PC's sound board.

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Melody is 25years old.
I wanted to change the arrangement from original.
Jazz style Bass was a little difficult for me .

with lyrics

No way to remember

I had been worried about acoustic guitar sound for a long time. My friend gave me  a big hint about it. And I could express three finger sound.

Nothing to do

I'm trying brass sound.
But it's difficult to use the instrument which I can't play.

Windy town

I wanted to make it "Jazzy" with swing,
But it is only japanese pops!

with lyrics

I think about you

One of  original song of "tennkanogohatto".
It's "ENKA" a little.

with lyrics

Winter midnight

One of  original songs of "tennkanogohatto".

with lyrics

Open the door

One of  original songs of "tennkanogohatto".

with lyrics

Tired to walk

My friend HIDE's song.
I remember big sunset from our dormitory's window.

with lyrics


My friend HIDE's song.


I made it for Hide's wedding party.

with lyrics


A recite of guitar.I couldn't explain original image.

with lyrics

New years morning

Oh! This is the folksong!

with lyrics

Early summer wind

Hide's song too. It's an ensemble for two guitars.
Sorry. It's imperfection

with lyrics

Like mama

I made it when my elder gaughter entered to elementary school.

School song

It's a SCHOOL SONG of OTA elementary school.
It was very lucky for me to get a chance to make it.
And it's so happy thing many children sing my song.

No title

No title is a title of this song.


Before I married (How many years ago!) I made.

with lyrics


When my younger daughter was one year old, I made it taking care of her.Then my PC had only 3 FM sound and 2 PCM.
This sound's quality is the original.


Twenty years ago......... Why so busy?

White hand

It similar to Minami Kosetsu's old song???
Oh, It's no problem.


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Theme2 of my homepage.
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Best friend

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