Practice the Bass guitar

How do you practice the bass guitar?
If you can pick all intervals by your ears, it's no problem.
In my case, it is big problem that I am not good at discrimination of lowpitched sound.
Is it a result because I started to play guitar at first?
It may be a fatal weakness as a bassist.

If I could get the score, I can play the music with the score easily.
But it's difficult to get the score for only bass.
And full score is always expensive, isnt it?
I can find a lot of TAB score for guitar in internet sites. But the score for bass is rare.
Recently, I can find MIDI data from internet, because our bandmaster Hama-Chan chose a famous songs.

1. Find MIDI files.

I always visited Computer Music Center to find Japanese songs.
However almost of them had closed now.
So many web sites for western music, I can't introduce all of them.
You can find most  famous songs at HitTrax or MidiMelody .
MIDI data is depend on the skill of the people who make it.
It means wonderful data and junk are mixed in the web site.
This MIDI reproduces applause and  whistle of the audience. Alberta
The most important thing is the MIDI is matching with your feelings.

2. Reduce of parts

It's useful to listen the Midi data in original style.
But some convenient software help me,
to emphasize favorite parts, to choose only one part BASS.
For example TMIDI
Sometimes, I raise bass line an octave to get tones easy.
sample: "No Title" in full score

3. Making score

It needs a software to make score. I usually use "Music Magic" or "Singer Song Writer light".
I heard that a share were Score Magazine is good for such a purpose.
Opening the Midi data by such a software, I reduce unnecessary parts.
This way gives me a very simple score, Bass and Drums or main melody.
Sample: "No title" by Bass and Drums

4. Listening

Next, I convert from MIDI  to WAV for recording onto Compact disc or Mini disc.
I use a very convenient software named AudioEncorder.

5. Practice practice !

I have only one or two times a week I can make a sound in practice.
So, listening the above CD or MD in a commuter train, I 'm trying to make an image of the music.
Indeed, It's difficult to play in the way of the image.